School Arranged Quarantine Procedures for Students Returning to School
in August & September 2020
For your child's return to school, and for new students commencing in September, if he/she comes through the Canadian border at the Vancouver International Airport, under COVID-19 requirement, a 14-day isolation is needed. Unless you have a self-arranged plan to exempt your child from this requirement, you need to join school's provision of quarantine to keep your child safe and meeting government requirement, and to keep the other students already onsite safe. Please complete Section A OR B of this form as soon as possible and no later than June 15, 2020. If you do not have travel dates yet, please have your best guess/choice indicated.
A. Request for School Arranged Quarantine
Onsite space for quarantine is limited and will be offered on a first-come-first serve basis. Should onsite space be not available, school will use homestay family spaces and offsite residential rooms. The last resort will be a nearby hotel. Please note that hotel stay will be much more expensive (one example near to school is $165 a day including room and 3 meals), and should that be needed, parents must pay the difference. School will provide commute, meal services, health check, supervision and meaningful activities and routines.
Please indicate your plan/choice of arrival date clearly, by first (1st) and second (2nd) choices. Upon receipt of your request before June 15th, school will reply before June 20th to confirm available quarantine spot.
Student last name*: First name*: Known as:
Gender*:        Male Female
Parent / Guardian Name*: Parent Phone:
Parent's Email*: 2nd Parent Email (if available):
First Choice:
For August student arrival:        July 4th ; July 18th ; August 1st ; August 15th
For September student arrival:  August 15th ; August 22nd ; August 29th ; Sept 5th ; Sept 12th
Second Choice:
For August student arrival:        July 4th ; July 18th ; August 1st
For September student arrival:  Sept 5th ; Sept 12th
Flight information: (airline and flight number if available)
Arrival date: (if available)
Arrival time: (if available)
Cell contact number upon arrival:
Fees for School Arranged Quarantine
  • Boarding fee in July and August will be 50% of the regular fee, to be charged on a weekly basis. There will be an additional quarantine service fee of $500. The school will provide safe airport transfer, meal service, health check, supervision and meaningful activities and routines.
  • Current students who are already on campus and staying through for the Fall Term will be charged 50% boarding fees for July and August. However, students who are already on campus staying in July and August but leaving Bodwell before September will not enjoy the 50% fee reduction. Excess amount of fees paid will be kept for future credit.
  • Students reporting to school later and if all options become unavailable, students will be placed to a nearby hotel for quarantine, which will be much more expensive and parents will need to be charged for the difference.
B. Self-accommodated plan - exemption request for school quarantine
Arrival date to boarding:        July 1-5 ; August 1-3 ; August 30-Sept 1 ; Sept 5-7; Sept 12-14
(please the appropriate item)
I am travelling with my child and will conduct self-isolation.
Period of stay Location:
My child has immediate family (siblings, grandparents or aunt/uncle) for self-isolation.
Period of stay Location:
My child is currently living in the Vancouver area and has been avoiding exposure to COVID-19.
Period of stay Location:
Other arrangement
Please specify:
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